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Udon curry

Sunday on 9pm. there’s japanese TV show on true vision channel 22

it’s about Udon VS. Soba…

and made me wanna cook this one…so bad!!!

” Udon curry with shrimp tempura “

well i decided to buy the stuff to cook in the next day for dinner

this time i bought Kokumaro curry paste , hot no.4

and some carrot, onion, eggplant, shrimp, udon, paprika powder, kikoman

served with shrimp tempura…

tasted kinda strong…(anyway i like it hot&spices 😀 )



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my favorite dish….

always cook this every month

‘ Spicy red soup noodles with chicken, chiang-mai style’

or we called ” ka-nom-jeen-nam-ngeaw “

got the special dried flowers for the soup from Jatujak market


I wanna go Chiang-mai to eat the original one and other dishes too


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my melted brain

my melted brain can’t remember anything!

even the name of this dessert

just only that we had this @ J-avenue that’s all


P & G


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Sunday 13.01.08

I cooked some beef curry jap. style for dinner


yum yum….

love my food 😀

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Yesterday 08.01.08 at night,

we went to Thonglor to eat ‘peking duck’ @Un loa loa

(near by J-avenue)


> included one other dish cooked with the duck meat

we chose stir-fried duck with the black bean chinese style

it was good …yum yum

stir-fried watercress (not the morning glory) it’s different kind

in thai called : ‘pak wan fai dang’

we love vegetables 🙂

dinner @home 09.01.08

‘ spicy stir-fried seafoods with the curry powder ‘

spices : chillis/garlics/black papper/curry powder


look like this

really spicy one

eat with rice it’s so good 🙂

P & G


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Hi 🙂

First of all, thanks to p’Wen who inspired me for this blog

www.bangkokfoodgallery.wordpress.com > it’s my fav blog tho 🙂

sometimes…it’s hard to write something in ur blog

well…I have loads of food pics to share

there’s some of previous meals or some of dishes that I was cooking in past 3months

some looks yummy….some looks shitty…haha

and some I didn’t take picture so


Bon Appétit!

this was my little meal

my stir fried eggplants/garlic bread/mortadella

my salad with my special homemade dressing

steak/my homemade mashed potatoes/bacon

my shitty bolognese

here are some of the pics from the random restaurants


G’s fav

minced beef w/rice @Otoya

fried chicken w/potatoes @Otoya

our fav ” oreo rasberry chesse cake ”

@ it’s happiness (some name like that) couldn’t remember exactly

our fav as well …

rice w/ minced toro fish w/soya stir fried chicken @Fuji

shabu set @OK shabu

OK’s dessert after the meal

shabu shabu @ Akiyoshi

all you can eat!

and this just had today for lunch…

Bar B Q @ AKA

beef tongues

some part around the neck ….

side dish

and ordered this one also…

rice w/ scallops

it doesn’t look good in the pic

but the taste was really good as you can’t imagine!


okie we’ll update this blog asap

Bon Appétit! (again)

: Pichy & G


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