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Monday evening,

we had dinner at Muriel’s place with her friend…Sophie

yes we had another swiss traditional dish called…

” Raclette ”

which is kind of Fondue but different way to eat,

put cheese on the black triangle one…

and burn it on the raclette pan…eat with some potatoes

& pickled vegetables


and then of course dessert!


chocolate fondue with strawberries and the fresh cream


(what a funny face of me)

thanks to Muriel to invited us for a lovely dinner

really like her place tho…

such a cozy house


i love this pic

but it’s kinda blur


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Random again…

pics pics pics

(becuz it’s a lazy sunday afternoon now)

i’m too lazy too type

last evening we had dinner with G’s parents

i had this

G had rabbit!!!

was good actually

poor little cute rabbit!

it makes me thinking of our Jack russell (lovely Lego)

haha 😀


G’s daddy had this

gartin with mixed berries

we had this…

profiterolles > chocolate and vanilla ice cream

and today

my lovely G cooked this for a lazy ass lady…

spaghetti with mixed mushrooms and spinach

after that felt hungry again in about 2hrs. later (maybe less)

becuz of his veggie spaghetti lol

then i requested to eat something again

(what a lazy ass! )

some toast with smoke salmon and caviar

yum yum

my fav….love it!


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The copycat dish!

😀 yes….the title said it ” copycat dish ”

the one from G’ s grandmother

i like it


at first i wanted to bake the eggplant too…

but too lazy to wait

becuz we were hungry…

so just only used the bell peppers

stir fried minced beef before put in the bell peppers and bake them



and this we had for brunch

parma ham with melon

love it!


pic of the week….

the giant fork in the lake

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we had lunch with G’s parents and grandparents

his grandmother cooked this…

pasta with baked bell pepper and minced beef

deliciously dish!

and dessert

meringue and ice-cream with mixed berries

also…10 stars for this one


merci beaucoup!

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yes….fondu uuu uuuuuue

the traditional food haha

we had it today

the other day we had brunch with G’s parents

and pity, the other night i cooked Pad thai for dinner

but no picture 😦

well it’s ok

i’ll try to take picture as much as i can 😉

introduction with G’s daddy and mommy

many kind of cheeses…

i don’t know what do they called in each one haha

the daddy burning da creme brulee

yum yum…

fondue part…

in front of the restaurant

a heavy starter…

then fondue coming…

big pot for 4 people

i did like it though

but i think it’s too much white wine in fondue,

the pregnant lady felt drunk while eating it haha..

then dessert

the fresh cream with rasberries/strawberries

no words to describe really…

10 stars for this!


cute coffee cup

p.s. thanks to G’s mommy for the cream again

it’s really goooooooooood

merci beaucoup! 😀

will update again soon!

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Cookin’ time!

i really enjoy cooking and eating a lot!

can’t stop really 🙂

and one thing that i can say in Switzerland

i prefer to cook than goin’ out to eat in the restaurant

for example for 2 people would cost about 1,800 THB. /per meal

(or way more) depends what food/what kind of restaurant too…

so…better buy stuff to cook by myself 😀

yeah! even everythings are expensive…..

well…the fresh stuff in here is really fresh and quality though

here is the same…

random pics of random meals

yesterday : lunch

G’s dish

steamed salmon served with fried potatoes

Saturday : morning

we went to the market (there’s just only 2 days in a week/ Tue & Sat)

nice view behind the market

butcher’s shop…

stopped to buy the grilled chicken

we had for lunch

cooked spaghetti with pesto sauce

it’s actually a lazy dish! haha

eat with the chicken from the market

dinner : G invited his best friend to eat

so i cooked some eazy traditional thai dishes


that’s what i could get in the asian shop for my curry

it was ok though….almost everything i needed

chicken green curry…..

and 2 side dishes

of course…

eazy omelette

and stir fried vegetable with oyster sauce

i could feel that i am in bangkok again…hahaha!

by the time…G’s making the apple pie for dessert


looks good yeah?


cut ‘n’ eat!

we decided that when we get back to bangkok…

we’ll buy one oven for sure 😀

(becauce we just only had a microwave at home)

so…i’ll let G cook for me after all! haha…

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Random meals

it’s been already for a week in Switzerland,

one word…. I need spicyyyyyyyyyyyyyy food!!! lol

but i love strawberry here

really juicy!
& these are some random meals pictures…


day 1:

brunch at home

day 2 : had lunch with G’s parents 🙂

we had fusilli/dorade and coquilles St-Jacques

(pasta with scallop and fish)


i had this….

Aumoniere with apple and almond

it’s really good

G’s cousin had Panna cotta

Blanc manger with papaya and sichuan pepper

day 3:

japanese cafe’ near G’s place

they served miso soup for starter

(normally miso soup is the last)

the set : 24.50 CHF. = 735 THB.

18 CHF. = 540 THB.

my fav! yum yum

then G ordered some more of scallop

yum yum

day 4 :

breakfast by G

preparing the eggplants

put mozzarella

put sauce

put parmesan

baked around 15 mins

… yum yum

Gratin d’aubergines

(the eggplants baked with mozzarella cheese and sauce)


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