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Haven’t update for quite a while,

I’ve been lazy lately that’s all haha..

well……today just made my second cheesecake in the afternoon

3 days ago……i made the first one, but it doesn’t look good haha…

and actually at first i wanted to make with cherry on top

but i bought the blueberry instead of cherry (i was wrong, didn’t noticed on the can)

so…the first one i didn’t have any picture of my shitty blueberry cheesecake

okie…the pics of my 2nd cheesecake

p.s. this one was the ingredients from the blueberry one

i don’t explain how to make it then

because it’s really eazy

or eazy to find the recipe…

i even digged the recipe in the website by myself tho

but just changed a little bit of cracker to oreo

after put in the fridge about 2 hrs.

before put the cherry…

cut cut….



yum yum……..

10 stars for my cheesecake hahaha!!!



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