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Today I cooked this for dinner…

felt like eating this one for quite a while..

spicy shrimp paste fried rice = kao pad nam prik rong rua in thai


served with crispy catfish, salted egg, fresh vegetables


i love my food 🙂


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Hua-hin trip

Went to Hua-Hin for 2 nights

thanks for p’Mongkorn (Dragon) for this trip na

first day we arrived around 7-8pm

i went straight to the kitchen…becuz we were starving

8 peeps for this trip, at first i had no idea what to cook for them

until Dragon gave me an idea at the supermarket,

well……..finally cooked these for everyone 😉

tuna salad + fried chicken

spaghetti meatballs

day 2

had this for breakfast

rice congee with minced pork and soft-boiled egg

for lunch Dragon brought us to his aunt’s restaurant

i didn’t take picture every dishes that we ate…becuz was so many dishes

and i was too slow and no concentrate on that time

(f**k it….better eat) 😀 haha

this was so nice…

our fav “Poo Doang” spicy fresh blue crab salad

fried chicken wrapped in pandanus leaf

then went to the local market to get some fresh stuff to cook for dinner

i like the market out there…..

seafood kinda cheap compare with Bkk market (of course)

for example…..scallop in Bkk can just find only in the supermarket

general price is around….hmmm i don’t know maybe 5-600THB. per KG i guess

in Hua-Hin is only 200THB. per KG

we were very excited about the price haha…

the sea bass also…..big one too, in Bkk would be 250 per one sea bass

we got 2 sea basses for 190THB.

😦 wanna live in Hua-Hin so bad

ok for dinner i cooked

super spicy! beef curry….and side dishes such as

deep fried sea basses, deep fried fish cakes, salted eggs, steamed scallop with butter

spicy meal….love it


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🙂 another 5th of June was my simply bd

nothing much….just food and movie that’s all

very simply but i love it that way…always do

last year was at the Sorrocco, this year better place hehe

we had lunch there,

it’s daily buffet lunch and a la carte dinner

Menu hightlights

Rock lobster, tiger prawns, selection of sushi and sashimi, fish tartare, fresh oysters selected mollusks, crab claws, scallop ceviche, wild smoked salmon, hiyashi Wakame salad and herring caviar with LJ condiments

Marinated Foie Gras sprayed with Valhrona chocolate, served with soya bean milk and foie gras custard, kumquat jam and toasted Tonka bean brioche

sorry for a little bit of pictures I took

thanks for a lovely lunch and everything B


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