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Steak again…..

Yes…..again, steak for dinner

but this time I had smaller than last time tho

mashed potatoes and champignons

put load of black pepper ….hmmm yummmm!


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Koong aob woon sen

Cooked this for lunch yesterday

steamed prawn with glass noodles or ” koong aob woon sen ” in thai


– glass noodles/prawn/bacon/thai parsley/black pepper/garlic/soy sauce/sesame oil

crushed seasoning made from thai parsley roots, black pepper, garlic

steamed about 20mins

hmmm…..good to be a fully housewife haha

the main routine is just feed my daughter and cook that’s all

love it 😀

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We were in P U T A H R A C S A (again)

last time we were there with p’mongkorn and p’pueng last year

but this time with the whole Wyss family 🙂

what the nice vacation indeed

i love this place…10 stars for everything

check out the website for the accommodation and etc.


well…………………….actually its too many pictures for this trip

unfortunately didn’t take picture from outside the hotel tho

day 1

seafood salad

crab melted

pasta with crab sauce

pad thai

day 2

breakfast with unlimited bacon and smoke salmon 😀 haha

in the afternoon

iced peach tea………really good

day 3

breakfast with unlimited bacon again hahaha


hamburger for G

som tam with shrimp and deep fried soft shell crab salad for me

day 4 had bacon again hahaha….

then stopped at hua hin fresh market to buy some seafood to make BBQ at home

1 kg. of prawn = 300THB.

1 kg. of big seashell = 350THB.

…………………………………………………..I LOVE HUA HIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steak and duck breast fillets from villa market

well i didnt take picture of making BBQ

becuz its too dark outside the garden and i didnt want to use the flash

so….next time if we do the BBQ in the day time…i’ll take some pic then

mix salad with balsamic and olive oil again

cooked with butter/salt/black pepper ….

very delicious!

actually i should have buy 2 more kilos of shrimp and seashell tho 😦

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It doesn’t look big in the pic…….but believe me it’s a huge one!

I couldn’t even finish the whole steak

so…i gave it to Lego after haha

little bit burn and crispy outside but juicy inside…

served with salad w/ olive oil & balsamic dressing + bacon bits

so….Lego had half of it

what a lucky dog!

and somebody didn’t have it becuz somebody went out for the bachelor night


haha 😀

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My super yakisoba

Yesterday, I cooked yakisoba for dinner

my super yakisoba

ingredients : fresh egg noodles/mix vegetables/ginkgo/squid/pork/tofu/seaweed

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A nice restaurant located in Siam Square soi 1, opposite Preduce shop

not so many choice to order…around 20 dishes i guess

but there are quality!!!

appetizer we ordered…

chef’s salad

very delicious one…

spaghetti w/ bacon and ham

spicy stir fried noodles with shrimp

we called ” pad kee mao ”

next time i wanna try steak salad

heard that its really good

hmm hmm

feel like eating it already

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