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Cooked this for supper ….(and gonna eat it tomorrow for breakfast too) haha

kao-nha-kai = rice with chicken gravy

ingredients :

chicken …marinated with soy sauce/oyster sauce/sesame oil/white pepper/corn flour

chopped garlic


duck eggs

Chinese sweet pork sausage

tricks for this dish are ….

– use the chicken stock better than just water

– marinate the chicken at lease 30mins

here is my kao-nha-kai

served with fried duck egg and fried sweet pork sausage



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Yesterday cooked this…pla-mhuak-pad-khai-kem

= stir fried squid with salted egg

ingredients : squid/salted egg (red part)/ spring onion/chillies/sesame oil/soy sauce/oyster sauce

eat with steamed rice…

yummy! 😀

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A couple days ago cooked this

kanom-jeen-kang-nua = spicy beef green curry served with noodles and crispy fish

simply dish….can find it everywhere (for the green curry)

but i prefer to cook by myself 🙂

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We had lad-nha for lunch at New light siam square

my fav place for lad-nha ( rice noodles and gravy with beef…chinese style)

but if you order just only beef lad-nha and don’t say you want chinese style,

they would serve you the thai one….it’s completely different

believe me …..order chinese one is way better

then went to Vanilla garden

japanese mixed salad

prawn and avocado sandwish

white chocolate malt

mont blanc

this one take away…

have no idea what’s the name of this one

something dongko……….so goooooooddddd!!!

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On last Sat, cooked shrimp wonton with Pear and her bf for dinner

shrimp/ground pork/soy sauce/sesame oil

uncooked wonton


and Sunday we had brunch at Chatuchak cafe’ ( Sofitel hotel )

I always eat same food all the time….

always pick the same thing…..haha

like fresh oyster/rock lobster/crab and etc….


grilled seafood and lamb chops time

rock lobsters

little bit of dessert

rum raisin ice cream topped with berry sauce


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Cooked these for dinner….

deep fried cheese wonton


be careful when u eat….melted cheese would burn your tongue

duck breast steak

served with potatoes……….hmmmmmm


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Good random food

Good random food from random places

– cheese and ham spring roll at ABC cooking

simply but nice

– sukiyaki at Raun Petch restaurant

it’s the old school sukiyaki place…

the first branch at Petchaburi Rd.

eat there since when i was a little girl

but this one at Pattanakarn Rd. (the second branch)

marinated sliced beef with their special seasoning

their sauce is the best!

ordered some seafood too

actually how to eat sukiyaki is the same as fondue haha

rice at Isetan Japanese coner

scallop & beef


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