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Skip diet for a meal….

becuz we have a guest came to our place

so I cooked Pad Thai with crab meat for dinner 🙂

ingredients :

crab meat……( I bought 1kg )

but in the bowl was like 1/2 kg only

tofu/ eggs/ sprout/ shallot/ garlic chive

and I totally forgot to take picture of the noodles

crab paste in soy bean oil/ tamarind paste

other seasonings : fish sauce/ sugar/ little but of lime/ and chili powder

here’s my Pad Thai with load of crab meat

I named this one is ” the volcano crab ” haha

the volcano crab haha….love it 😀


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Yes…..my diet menu#2 is…..spicy minced tofu salad or larb tao hoo in Thai

main ingredients :

hard white tofu

cauliflower fungus

and other ingredients are….mushroom/chili powder/ lime/ fish sauce

here’s my larb tao hoo

put some fennel and fried shallot on top….

hmmmm really healthy and very saap! haha

the other one is not that healthy but it’s really delicious

the rich croquette 😀

……load of shrimp and crab meat

ingredients :

1/2 kg of shrimp, 1/2 kg of crab meat, 300grams of ground pork, soy sauce, pepper, sesame oil, cooking flour

marinated them together


I think all the restaurants in Bkk can’t beat my croquette haha

becuz most of them don’t put load of crab meat and shrimp like i do 😀

that’s why I called ” the rich croquette ”

all from the bowl I fried like 16 big pieces

my croquette is really fat and big compare to most of the restaurants

that’s why I like to cook by myself

eat with hot sauce ( sri racha sauce)

oi…….can I skip my diet meal one more time!!!?

haha………..I feel like cooking the rich croquette everyday now :p

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My DIET! menu#1

I’m on DIET!!! (really)

so I made salad for lunch….haha

Avocado and prawn salad

ingredient for salad dressing : olive oil/ mustard seed/ malt vinegar/ salt/ pepper/ little bit of sugar

very easyyyyyy

and very niceeeeeeeeee

zoom zoom

zoom zoom

very nice indeed…..

yum yum yum 😀

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The best Tua-pap in Town…..

@ soi Naraisup Silom and there’s one at soi Wat Rakang (Wang Lang) too,

hard to find good old school dessert these days….

Tua-pap is the sticky rice flour stuffed with lablab bean + scraped coconut

each color it’s the natural color from some vegetable such as pumpkin, pandan, black sticky rice

and the other day cooked stir fried spaghetti with tom yum paste

ingredients :

prawn of course


sliced lemon grass and citrus leaves

tom yum sauce : chili paste/lime/fish sauce

(I forgot the milk)

and of course…..spaghetti

here’s my spaghetti (Thai style)…..hehe


next one would be healthy food recipe

I can’t eat like before anymore………………………….T_T

(maybe once a month for Shabu Shabu) haha


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Cooked this the other day…

spicy stem kale salad with prawn

in Thai we called yum-gan-ka-na

ingredients :

(cooked) prawns and minced pork

stem kale or ka-na in Thai

* doesn’t need to cook

just put in the ice bowl….stem kale would be really crispy *

ingredients for salad dressing : crushed chilies/ lime/ fish sauce/ little bit of sugar

here’s my yum-gan-ka-na


and today after the hospital for Noemie’s vaccine we went to Central world

had lunch at new ramen place : Kuu 7th floor

I had ramen with shasu in spicy sesame soup

G had ramen with ton kutsu

pretty good….

had some tempura too….

avocado and seaweed tempura…

hmmmm…I would like to try ramen at Sukhumvit 39 though

many of my friends say it’s really good

but I have no idea where it is…….

anyone? 😀

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A sinful dish

Foie gras with raspberry sauce

fried foie gras is really good with some acid fruit…

load of fat for this menu

but I’m sure 70% of people around the world love it

actually foie gras is kind of the forbidden food also like shark fin

because the violation treat with animal

and I didn’t know that before until Guillaume told me about the story

so I dig the news, it says…

” animal rights advocates decry the cruelty of force-feeding geese and ducks via a feeding tube to enlarge their livers before slaughter. In 2006, the Chicago City Council agreed with the protesters and banned the retail sale of foie gras. The law is enforced by citizen complaint, and restaurateurs risk fines of up to $500 per violation. There is a loophole, however: While it’s illegal to sell foie gras, it’s not illegal to give it away, so restaurants and hotels just serve foie under the umbrella of other menu items. ”

poor thing!


it’s delicious!!! 😀 hahaha

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Got some seafood from the fresh market

so I cooked these for dinner last night

first dish

– steamed pomfrets with Chinese plum

big fresh pomfrets….100thb. each

compare with the price when I buy at the supermarket it’s like double or more

some other ingredients for the sauce

sliced ginger/ spring onion/ slice red chili/ Chinese plum/ soy bean paste/ sesame oil/ oyster sauce/ soy sauce/ little bit of minced pork

– steam pomfrets about 20mins

– cook the sauce by the ingredients above…..then put the sauce over the pomfrets served warm

in Thai we called pla-ja-ra-med

some called butter fish…

yeah indeed…..it’s really good and soft like butter

yum yum


– stir fried crab meat with yellow curry powder

load of fresh crab meat…. got it for 120thb.

soooo cheap!

other ingredients: 1egg/ yellow curry powder/ chopped garlic+chili/ soy sauce/ oyster sauce/ pepper


last but not least

– simply omelet with shallot

oldschool way to cook omelet……I don’t know other people would eat like me or not

but it’s from my dad’s recipe

easy but nice

all eat with boiled rice

hmmm…yum yum yum!

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