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Cooked this last night….

kanom jeen nam ngiew = northern style red soup noodle

this kind of curry soup it’s good to let it over a night for a better taste

ingredients :

sliced pork + ground pork

red chili paste = dried chili, garlic, shallot, shrimp paste

Chiang mai dried flower …..taste like mushroom

and other ingredients : cherry tomatoes, fish sauce, spring onion, coriander, lime

original recipe, they put some pork blood….but I don’t feel like eating pork blood tho

here’s my spicy red soup chaing mai noodle

put some lime….spring onion and coriander

mixed together….

hmmmm…actually it looks just like spaghetti meat sauce tho 😀

yum yum yum

…..love my food!


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yummy dishes

Got some fresh clam from Isetan the other day…

I cooked stir-fried clam with basil

eazy….other ingredients : chopped garlic, chili, basil, soy bean paste, oyster sauce

this is it!

yum yum

and today had a change to go Bon Mache’ at Prachacheun

cuz’ p’Op (G’s friend) needs to shoot some stuff there

….well actually got lots of food from Bon Mache’

but just took pic of this ….it’s the chicken that I’m always in love with

grilled chicken….old school style

can find it when you take the train back in the day….(maybe still) or some province in Thailand

so delicious! yum yum I love it 😀

I’ll frequency go Bon Mache’ since then haha

and Pear came back from Chiang mai, she brought me some local chili paste etc.

Chiang mai green chili paste with black crab paste

or we called Nam prik noom + nam pu

then I cooked …spicy minced pork with Chiang mai chili powder (lots of local herbs in it)

we called it Larb kooa (kind of Larb moo but it’s northern style)

all eat with sticky rice

so delicious! 😀


wanna go Chiang mai so baddddddddddddd………………..

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Sushi sushi

Pity, we went to Bharani (TCDC emporium) for lunch yesterday…

but I forgot to bring my camera…. 😦

I always wanted to take picture of food at Bharani…for long long time

well…..next time then

alright….its sushi time,

we picked up some sushi from  Isetan as usual

first above for papa and another one for mama

little close up

scallop and eel

I love sweet fresh ebi

uni ( sea urchin ) and salmon roe

hmmm…..my favorites


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Lack of posting

Yes…lack of posting

becuz, I’ve been busy for diet haha

so…….this’s what I’m eating now,

little steak and load of pepper for early dinner

i know…it’s protine, but yeah…….why not and so what?

I just don’t eat after 6 pm

for lunch I eat normal tho….like noodles or rice

and for dinner, I made rotation dish like steak or salad or 2 sliced of ham or yogurt

try to not to eat carbohydrate….just once a day is enough

and this was from the other day,

at Isetan (again)

kyu suki don

strawberry chou cream

well….my blog is little bit boring eh?

no frequency post like before becuz I’m on diet hahaha

but still can eatin’ out once a week 😀

so I’ll try to update more too


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Papa’s BD :)

Yesterday was papa’s birthday…

we had lunch at Lord Jim’s, The Oriental Hotel again…(every occasion haha)

good as usual 😀

let the pictures describe then…

papa’s checkin’ wine list

rock lobsters marinated with olive oil

smoked duck


melon and parma ham

sashimi with spicy cod roe sauce

fried foie gras with mango sauce

grilled rock lobster



pomelo salad

then dessert 😛

sticky rice ‘n mango

and of course! creme brulee 😛

hmmm…don’t remember the name of this one but its not cheesecake

panna cotta

T_T after papa’s bd, I need to do diet for 2 months

its the condition from papa….

otherwise he’ll not allowed me to eat double creme in Switzerland


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Hello 2009!

Been for a while I haven’t update, becuz I’m little bit lazy haha

first of all….” HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL ”

and first meal of 2009 for us…….we were at Fuji >_<

we went to Bankara at Sukhumvit 39, but they were closed 😦

so we end up at Fuji

1st meal on 1st of Jan 2009

Mimi wants some sushi as well 🙂

sushi set for mama

tuna salad for papa

and hot udon soup was really good for a long NYE night haha

and last Monday finally we could eat Bankara ramen

papa had ramen with stewed pork

mama had ramen with sliced pork

hmmmm….yum yum

last but not least

we had Dim sum at Chok dee ….

some people said Chok dee is kind of a shitty one

hmmm….but for me it’s alright

it’s pretty good actually…..our favorite is the soup

buk kut tae (Chinese herbs soup with stewed pork and mushroom)


and some dim sum


after next week….I think I would be strictly on my diet program

(but after papa’s birthday on Monday :P)

no more big meal for me………………………………. 😦 hahaha

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