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Just had them for lunch…..

ordered from ” Han-Pa-Lo-Ta-Din-Deang ” Ladprao 35/1

they also do the delivery around the neighborhood too…

I ordered 2 kinds of their signature dishes….

pot-stewed goose with Chinese five-spice blend

and crispy roasted duck

goose side…..yum!

duck side…..hmmm yum!!!!!

the skin is little crispy and the meat is juicy….hmmmm

if anyone wants the contact number for this restaurant, just tell me okie?



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Cooked these yesterday,

stir fried spicy crab meat with yellow curry powder

and kao tom koong = boiled rice

ingredients :

crab meat

some spring onion and coriander

and other seasonings : black pepper, yellow curry powder, chili, garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce


and for boiled rice

ingredients :

of course ….shrimps

and I didn’t take picture of oysters tho

and other ingredients for the soup are….

coriander roots, black pepper, garlic…..all crushed

and the special thing….I put some dried squids in the soup too

this for topping

fried garlic

here’s my kao tom = boiled rice with shrimps and oysters (and I put some seaweed too)

mixed and closed up!

eat with deep fried tofu

this one got from kao tom place in front of soi Thonglor

hmmmm….love it 😀

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Last Friday, went to dj for p’Note’s gig at Parkbridge Silom

and before that p’Note invited me to go eat pizza with him…

(I’m not a big fan of pizza actually)

but I must say this place is really good!

and this’s gonna be the second place of my favorite Italian restaurant

the place located on the second floor of Bar Bar (Silom soi 4)

* will review my most favorite Italian restaurant in town later hehe *

we had 1 liter of house wine……

this one is…..hmmm can’t remember the name actually

bacon/ mushroom / rocket

pizza margarita

very Italian style…..thin’n crispy

and lasagna is very delicious!


worth it to try……

second floor of Bar Bar (Silom soi 4)


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Random and tea time

here are some pics from some other days,

this from Ar-lek-racha wong

we ordered other dishes same as the previous post

but this one called pork leg sliced with jelly fish + sesame oil sauce

kind of salami but chinese style

these pics are from Ruan Petch sukiyaki

Ruan Petch roasted chicken

the skin is really crispy ….yum

only 40 thb. per piece, pretty big too

sliced beef with their special marinated sauce, really good

( I never like other sukiyaki tho…..especially MK )

some shrimp and fish

some veggies and glass noodles and all the fresh meat in the hot pot

in the bowl, doesn’t look fantastic…..but believe me it’s really good

and these pics are from Salon De L’Oriental at Emporium

tea time! 😀

cherry tea for mama

cappuccino for papa

this called Swiss mountain

raspberry pie

and I have no idea what’s the name of this one but it’s the most I like

…..big strawberry


you might be wondering why I’m still eating a lot

actually I don’t…

I just eat once a day……eat whatever I want but just once

someday….had some dessert too but I just try to not to eat after 6pm that’s all

and lately I haven’t been cooking that much,

‘cuz I hardly eat dinner everyday like before………just sometimes


actually I miss cooking my own food tho 🙂

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Dinner at Lao-Lao

Last night after supported Melanie’s exhibition, we went to eat at Lao-Lao

a Kao tom gui place around soi Aree

10 people were there…….p’Op and me ordered so many dishes

and we ordered double of each kind haha

(the pics just only 8pics I took……but believe me it’s around 12-13 kind of dishes)

fresh oyster


puu doong = fresh crab with spicy and sour sauce

our fav!

stir fried water mimosa (again)

oor saun (again)

sea asparagus / chinese spinach / shrimp / mushroom in gravy

steamed glass noodle with river prawn

red salted egg salad

hmmmm…….feel like eating them again hahahaah


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ฺEasy breakfast

Felt like eating some bacon again…haha

so I asked papa buy some bacon and a can of champignon for me

and also he bought a can of the bean for himself

(unfortunately, didn’t take picture of papa’s dish)

here’s my dish for breakfast this morning

(and I think….

today I’m not going to eat again no more, because got lots of fat already haha)

scramble egg / bacon / stir fried champignon with butter


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O-cha-ros and Samed

These are from last Friday when we went to eat at O-cha-ros

the boiled rice place (kao tom gui) opposite State tower (Silom)

one of my fav place for kao tom gui….eat there since I was a little girl

that night we went total 6 people….and ordered lots of food

bamboo shoot chinese style

baby clam with sweet chili paste

tom yum koong

pad bai por

stir fried white garlic chives with crispy pork and tofu

koong chae nam pla ( fresh shrimp with spicy and sour sauce)

stir fried water mimosa

oor-saun ( oyster fried in egg batter )

O-cha-ros is the shit!

I think, soon I’ll go eat there again for sure

and we were in Samed for 2 days with G and his friends

(actually can count just only 1 full day)

and these are what we ate….

grilled seashell with garlic and butter

fresh oysters

side dish for fresh oysters

grilled big sea prawn

for breakfast….

boiled rice with shrimp

American breakfast

English breakfast

and this what we had by the beach

som tam pla ra and grilled chicken / sticky rice


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