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Random pics from a past week….

sorry…..I’ve been so lazy to update the blog everyday

@ Restaurant De La Valsainte

papa had horse steak with herb butter…

I tested it little bit…….it’s really good tho

if you like lamb, you would like horse too 😀

mama had tartared…

then dessert

chestnut creme brulee

papa & mama cooking @ home

ingredients for roasted chicken



……..papa’s roasted chicken 😀

and mama’s dessert

ingredients – pears/ mascapone cream/ honey

and other that I didn’t take picture – white wine/ sugar/ almond

boiled the pears in white wine and sugar

until the pears quite tender

make the caramel

seared them

taaaa daaa….my lovely delicious dessert

seared pear…served with mascapone and almond w/caramel and honey

hmmmm……..love it

and Aor visited me last Friday,

we felt like something spicy haha

so I cooked her….

grilled beef….eat with eggplant and spicy sauce

supersaap! lol

another dish is the steamed glass noodles with shrimps


and the other night, we had dinner with papa’s friends

papa had salmon tartared

me and Aor had horse steak with mushroom sauce

and yesterday, we had fondue!


what a week!


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Past 3 days

Random pics from past 3 days

Saturday, we had lunch at Hostellerie de Geneve

I had little fish fillets de perche with almond

papa had this beef steak with morille mushroom sauce…….

but it supposed to be a horse steak,  they made a mistake

G’s parents had this…. tartare

minced rare beef with some herb……eat with toast and butter

I taste it only one spoon…..and I felt in love with it 😀

for dinner …..we had chinese food at Le Shanghai in Lausanne

pretty good….


wonton soup

stir fried beef with schezuan sauce

spicy tofu…….this is delicious

and Sunday, I cooked Kao-soy for everybody

Kao-soy = yellow curry Chiang mai noodles style

ingredients :

chickens/ egg noodles/ fresh pasta/ coconut milk/

kao-soy powder seasonings/ turmeric powder/ shallots

put coconut milk, kao soy powder seasonings, turmeric powder and chickens

boiled them for 3 hrs

before served, prepare the egg noodles and deep fried fresh pasta

( I couldn’t find the fresh egg noodles) so I used fresh pasta for make the crispy noodles

here……..is Kao-soy!!

put some coriander, shallots, chili powder, lime and crispy noodles


and of course! dessert 😀


then….Monday, we had dinner with Simon’s mother

she cooked us …..the lamb chops

lamb chops served with baked potato and tomatoes

so good…..

pic of the week!

a bottle of beer 😀

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we had lunch at one restaurant which I still can’t remember the name of the restaurant even I had once last year…

asparagus soup

duck fillet salad

pork cheek stew

then we walked by the lake and stopped at the Italian ice cream place

but we didn’t have an ice cream tho….

we only had an eclair and cold chocolate………

I know! that I supposed to ordered hot choclolate

but that day was sunny outside….

still cold but when u went inside the place, u feel warm because of the heater


and yesterday, I cooked pad thai…………..haha

one of my friend said…why I need to eat pad thai in Switzerland

just because of just wanted to eat something spicy and sour

and wanted to cook for everybody too 🙂

so we went to get some fresh stuff at the vietnamese shop…

they have lots of thai products as well

these what I got

noodles, shrimps, tofu, tamarind sauce, oily shrimp paste,

lime, garlic chive, bean sprout , eggs, shallots

fried shallots and tofu…then shrimps

put noodles….and tamarind, fish sauce, sugar….then eggs

then garlic chive, and bean sprout


taaaa daaaaaa!

it’s a big pan of pad thai

yum yum….

I think my pad thai can beat pad thai pra tu pee tho 😀

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Bkk to Suisse

Random pics from Bkk to Switzerland

this on Monday at AKA, Central world

bibimbap : korean rice topped with 5 different kind of vegetables and beef in hot stone bowl


and this on Tuesday before take off,

we had ramen at the japanese restaurant in the airport around gate C

papa had ramen with roasted duck

mama had miso shashu men

we arrived in Switzerland Wednesday morning

then we had lunch with G’s auntie….she cooked us quiche and apple pie

…..so good!

shrimp quiche

and apple pie

and of course………….

double creme! and fresh strawberry…..my fav!

😀 I’ve been missing you all year round haha

hmmmmm……..I love you double creme!

then for dinner….we had some cheese and salmon, smoke duck

hmmmmm! 😀

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Mushroom day!

Yeah!! today is a mushroom day…

felt like ” Kaang lieng ” for quite a while

kaang lieng is a traditional Thai soup…or hot and spicy mixed vegetables soup

even it’s a traditional….but cannot find it everywhere though

the original recipe…they put load of vegetables

like pumpkin, baby corn, water cress and many more

but I cooked only with mushrooms…hehe

ingredients for kaang lieng paste

shallots/chillies/dried shrimps/shrimp paste

…..and don’t forget to put some pepper too!

mix ‘n’ blend!


other ingredients


and of course….mushrooms

here’s my kaang lieng hed koong sod


besides kaang lieng…I cooked stir fried mushrooms w/ oyster sauce too

put chopped garlic , oyster sauce, soy sauce

hmmmmm…..what a healthy meal!!! 😀

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These pics are from last week ( Wed, Thu)

Wed, lunch at Arnoma Hotel…

3 courses, appetizer, soup, pasta 249 thb ++

for the pasta….it’s all you can eat…

they all look good and delicious too!


caesar salad with lemon glass shrimps

salmon carpaccio

mushroom cream soup

pumpkin cream soup

black ink /tomatoes sauce and deep fried soft shell crab

spaghetti pad kee mao

fusili /shrimp pesto sauce

hair pasta with mushroom and parma ham in cream sauce

worth it to try…..

cheap and good!

@ Arnoma Hotel, Rachaprasong

Thu, BBQ at home with preduce crew

we bought load of meat….and I made the chicken sticks, shrimp sticks with special marinated

chicken fillets sticks and shrimp sticks,

marinated with lemon glass/ garlic/ paprika/ pepper/ salt

and for the chicken wings and the pork ribs,

marinated with balsamic vinegar/ ketchup/ paprika/ salt/ rosemary leaves/ olive oil

and got load of beef and salad etc. too, but I didn’t take picture all the thing

lemon glass chicken and shrimp sticks

I love the ribs



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Yes……..it was a nice weekend indeed

let the pictures tell you the story then

shall we?

this from Friday

felt like eating some prawn so bad and just couldn’t wait haha

( pre-eating before Ayudthaya trip haha )

this plate : 150 thb. got them in the soi around the house

yum yum

and this from Tong-Ta-Pu-Doong around Town-in-Town

fresh crab salad with spicy sauce : 120 thb.

loads of meat yo!

and this from Sunday…..the trip that I waited for so long! haha

….I made this trip because I felt like eating grilled giant river prawns that’s all 😀

@ Ruay Koong Pao, Ayudthaya

actually we ordered many dishes….but some dish I didn’t take picture tho

Tom Yum Pla-Ma ( local fish tom yum )

stir fried young crispy coconut with prawn legs

love this one….

stir fried lotus stem with prawn legs

soooo good…..can’t find it in Bkk

and prawns time!

it’s 800 thb. per kg, and we ordered 3kgs! haha

first 2 plates …..actually not that big tho

(big but wasn’t huge!) I WANT HUGE ONE LOL

3rd place : this is called HUGE BABY!!!


this’s the shit!!!!!

damn….feel like hungry now while I updating this post

and miss Ayudthaya already,

actually…could find the giant prawns bigger size than what we had tho

but need to go Singhaburi like my friends said….

oi!! HUNGRY!

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