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Got some pics from last week…

last Thursday at Sangchai

( Kao-tom kui after Andy C party )

…..boiled rice and condiments ( many dishes )

stir fried squids with red salted egg

stir fried water mimosa

omelette with ground pork

stir fried watercress

stir fried ground pork with chinese black olive

stir fried glass noodles with mixed seafood and old school flower ( dok ka jon )

and we had some nice thai food @ Ninth cafe’ paragon on Sat

spicy shrimp paste fried rice

kale salad with shrimps …..old school taste

hmmm this one made me thinking of my mom RIP

lazy Sunday brunch @ home

….cooked easy lamb chops

got the ingredients from Villa market as usual

NZ lamb chops/champignons/baby carrots/thymes/rosemary/salt/pepper



boiled them first then fried with butter/salt/rosemary

same as champignons

pan grilled the lamb chops with butter and thymes/salt/pepper

hmmmmm…. what a nice Sunday afternoon

hmmmm……love my food 😉

had dim sum for lunch at Chokdee Dim Sum Ekamai

…..some people said Chokdee is shitty

but for us is ok tho….maybe once in 2-3 months

buk kut teh ….hot soup with 15 kind of chinese herbs/pork ribs/tofu sheets/mushrooms

and many selections of dim sum we had…

😀 😀 😀


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We were in Hua-Hin 2 weeks ago for 4 days

on the 2nd of May, it was p’Mongkorn (Dragon) ‘s BD

had lots of fun…..and had lots of food too! 😀

we stopped at Talad Thai, the wholesale seafood market at Samutrasakorn

had lunch and bought lots of fresh seafood to p’Mongkorn’s place

grilled prawns

unfortunately…Papa didn’t eat the heads……so I had them all! hahaha

spicy horse-shoe crab roe salad with herbs and sliced mango

bought lots of fresh food for 20 ppl

I was a head chef for 3days hehe

basically these pics are fews from all the meals we had….

some meal I didn’t take picture tho

was great that Pear brought her ice box for just go to the market only! (believe me…it’s a big box)

so we got load of fresh seafood and could eat for 20 ppl for 2 days actually

( unfortunately day 3, didn’t have a chance to take any pic )

2 layers of the steam pot, steaming the crab legs

marinated crab meat + little ground pork for crab cake

all the plates are very huge! (even the pictures look not that huge)


pu jak ka jun…..I called the alien crab

creamy clams ( happy that everyone loves this )

grilled tiger prawns

load of steam crab legs for 2 days

found this in hua-hin market

Kao chae = dry-cooked rice in cold water, eaten with condiments

very oldschool and traditional

these from Barai, Hyatt Hua-hin

Pear’s, mascarpone with mango cake

p’Louktan’s, fruits salad with special spicy dressing

p’Op’s, cappuccino creme brulee’

I’ve tested them all…….very delicious 😀

and mine….papaya puree with lime sorbet

very very good…..love it love it!

and we had dinner before heading back to Bkk ….somewhere in Cha-um

acacia leaves omelette and shrimps in sweet/sour/spicy soup

oysters omelette

spicy mixed seafood with herbs on hot plate

somtam pu ma = fresh blue crabs papaya salad

we had 2 plates of grilled rock lobsters

yum yum!

hmmmmm…….I miss Hua-Hin Pen Tin Mee Hoy already!


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Load of random pics from random places again this time

I’ve been so lazy to update….haha

and the point is…my laptop is hanging on, almost dead actually

and still have many pics of food that I haven’t update too

@ Yuu restaurant Thong lor

Japanese BBQ

rib eye

ox tongue…..my fav

garlic fried rice and miso seaweed soup

@ Tong Ta Puu Doong, Town in Town

tom yum koong+shrimp fat

very delicious because of shrimp fat made the soup turn gravy

ิ1 min cooked blood cockle

and of course puu doong!

fresh blue crab salad with spicy and sour sauce

it’s the signature dish from this place

@ Sukhothai noodles place at Ladprao 60

Sukhothai noodles….

my number one favorite noodles place now


yum yum yum

@ Otoya siam paragon

cold udon and grilled salmon

@ Amaltery

midori+malibu pineapple ice-creams

okie…..enough for today

be back soon 😉

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