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Yeah…..exactly, it’s been almost a month that I haven’t logged in to wordpress

cuz my laptop is fucked and almost dead….

so I had to use papa’s one to upload all the files and resized them


well….I’m gonna update quick ‘cuz there’re too many pictures from last month ’till now


@ New light

stir fried rice vermicelli with beef gravy chinese style

@ Vanilla Garden

dessert time!

@ Yamakoya Ramen

@ home, made easy dish….by instant mentaiko roe

@ Coco curry house

@ Hau Pla Chong Non Tsee

seafood time!

@ Bekku

tonkatsu time!

@ Plaza Athanee

B day lunch…….

( prefer Lord Jim’s tho )

@ Aob Aroi

seafood time again!


tea time!

@ Suikin

@ Sei

Thai food………love love

@ Amaltery

@ home

cooked : grilled pork loin marinated with miso & sauteed asparagus with butter

miso > 45 thb. per pack

marinated for 4-5 hr….or over a night would be great

eat with japanese rice…..

hmmmm so damn nice!



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