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Suisse again p.1

Random pics from past 2 weeks here

@ Hostellerie de Geneve

tropical salad I guess


cherry season

bought half kg.

nice ‘n’ easy

juicy melon and parma ham

my favorite

marcaroon love love

@ National

roasted veal with risotto

pasta with mixed seafood

cooked beef namtok and fried rice

I used the instant namtok seasoning

doesn’t look fantastic in the pic…..but the beef was fantastic, so tender

yum yum

easy shrimp fried rice

chopped garlic, eggs, shrimps


and of course

berries and double cream

mom’s pasta

eggplant sauce

@ the market

little pizza…….so good tho

roasted veal

@ home……afternoon tea + pre Mimi’s BD


mom’s cooked

big tuna

tuna steak with spinash

yum yum

@ National

rice with fried local fish and almond

and dessert

@ Montreux jazz festival


love it, I’ll cook it one day

@ Ishiochi


salmon roe


in the  garden

cranberry and bb

@ home


YUM! 🙂


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past 3 weeks

Sorry ppl, I’ve been so lazy to update again….and again

I promise…I’ll try my best to keep updating almost everyday like before 🙂

well…….today it’s gonna be the same as the last post

quick and short and load of pics


@ Tum Yum Yang ( Sae na ni kom)

BBQ Phon yang kum aka Thai French beef

cheap and good……only 179 THB. all you can eat

hmmmmm……..love it love it

@ some chinese stall around ratchada

had some shark fin

sinner dish

@ The Oriental shop

my favorite ice tea….

they made the ice rocks by ice tea too

@ Bankara


rice topped with pork stewed and soft boiled egg

@ Kao tom wat ba worn

steamed fried fish in soya gravy

bai por….haha  no idea what this called in english

red salted egg salad

minced pork with chinese black olive

stir fried mimosa

@ Coco curry house

curry with hamburger and mixed mushrooms

papa added some sausage too

@ Som tum nau

grilled beef

spicy minced pork salad….larb moo

fried chicken

tom saap mushroom

som tum puu pla ra

steamed snake fish with spicy dip

isaan sausage

@ New sri fah

fresh oysters

super chicken tom yum

crispy cat fish salad

minced pork with chinese black olive

stir fried mimosa

@ Wattana panich

beef hot pot

@ 1 puu ma

around Abac university

grilled river prawns

steamed crabs

grilled sweet snails

grilled salt seabass

mixed seafood tom yum

(huge) baby clams with sweet chilli sauce

stir fried watercress

@ home

cooked chicken curry ….Indian style I suppose


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