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Got some strawberries from Isetan the other day for 39 THB. per pack

it made me feel like eating some pancake 🙂

ingredients : instant pancake flour, chocolate chip, an egg, milk, little butter for pan fry, icing sugar for sprinkle on top

put some milk and melt the chocolate chip by the microwave


put an egg, milk and mix up together

pour the chocolate into the flour bowl then mix it

fry it slowly

here’s my homemade chocolate pancake 🙂

yum yum yum



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A lazy post

November random…..

a lazy and quick update


japanese salad with little fishes

and pan grilled fish marinated with miso

marinated fish with miso (soy bean paste)

sushi @ Central World

seafood boiled rice @ Thonglor

Vietnamese @ Bangna

@ Niyom Thonglor

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Been for a while!


it’s been for a while really, had so many things to get done last month

now it’s time to kiss my blog again 😉

(and actually didn’t take that much picture too….shame)

@ somewhere (in front of soi Thonglor) which I can’t remember the name of the restaurant

another best Japanese restaurant for me

raw salmon sliced

raw white snapper

deep fried fish bone…..this is dope!

chinese spinach with little fishy salad

egg custard with seafood

grilled beef salad

zaru soba

@ one Thai restaurant in Ctw

deep fried fish served with spicy eggplant

shrimp paste fried rice

@ SumiSumi Yakiniku, Sukhumvit 24

it’s my no.1 so far!

699 baht nett with premium beef, seafood

tender loin


Australian beef

wagyu beef

Australian lamb


miso soup, garlic rice

coconut sorbet

@ home

eazy breakfast


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hello October!

had no idea what to eat these days…

so I made da smoked duck salad again

got da smoked duck fillet from villa market….about 130THB

easy one….

grilled smoked duck with rocket salad and avocado with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing


@ paragon….(around food court)

nasi lemak….coconut rice with fried chicken and fishes

wanna cook this one by myself again tho

@ Han pa lo soi Convent, silom

pot-stewed goose with Chinese five-spice blend

@ Elvis suki, soi Yos sae

it’s my new favorite place now

ready made suki yaki…..I ordered beef and shrimp

deep fried

grilled seashell with butter and marinated ground pork

@ Koreana, sukhumvit 11 (again)

my favorite soup!

spicy soft tofu and clams soup

hot! and I love it


@ home

cooked easy spaghetti italian style

italian basil leaves, garlics, tomatoes

olive oil

chopped garlic

diced tomatoes

put parmesan cheese

easy and delicious yum!!


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smoked duck and etc.

cooked this the other day ‘grilled smoked duck fillet with avocado and baby carrot’

smoked duck fillet… (grilled)

avocados – sliced

baby carrots – peeled – boiled

nice & easy


@ Yamokoya Ramen, Thonglor


@ Ni yom, Silom

or saun…..oyster fried in egg batter

love it….yum yum


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Random pics (Aug-Sept)

DIY okonomiyaki @ Kizahashi, Sukhumvit 26

we ordered mixed okonomiyaki : beef, seafood, extra topping….mentaiko and cheese

mentaiko = spicy cod roe

mixed it

put sauce

put seaweed and dried fish powder

put mayonnaise

yum yum!

Rocket salad @ home

pan grilled mushroom

rocket salad with grilled mushroom, boiled eggs, bacon bits

…served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing

delicious 🙂

Korean grill @ Sukhumvit 11 (can’t remember the name of the restaurant)

but it’s just next to Bed Supperclub

spicy tofu, clams soup…korean style

very yum…

yakiniku @ Kingkong

japanese BBQ 450 THB nett…all you can eat


dinner @ Amontre, Fraiser Suites Satorn Rd. (before djing)

red curry

cowslip creeper flower salad

Amontre fried rice….yum!

@ Ayutthaya, grilled river prawn at Yang Diew

miam miam

some local fish dishes

winged bean salad

see you next post 😉

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Random pictures from July to Aug hahaha

in Suisse before back to da hood


veal stewed

beef sliced

horse steak with mushroom sauce

ikea meal….salmon salad

ikea signature dish….meatballs

tea time

my homemade oreo cheese cake

@ Montreux Jazz festival

sandwish w/ foie gras and duck fillet ….18 CHF = 540 THB

Thai chicken green curry with bamboo shoots 14 CHF = 420 THB

Dad’s grilled juicy duck with potatoes

bought some raclette cheese back to bkk

in Bkk!

didn’t take much picture in every moment like before though

lazy me………….

@ New Sri Fah for the first night that we arrived

@ home, sa-tor pad koong

ingredients : chilies, garlics, shallots, shrimp paste all crushed

stinky bitter beans

ground pork, shimps


@ Bhorani TCDC

spicy homemade smoked ham salad

southern shimp paste fried rice with crispy pla sa lid

@ Anego, Sukhumvit 33

so far…it’s the best japanese restaurant for me

mentaiko love love

ikura & mentaiko hand rolls

so big! yum yum


@ OK shabu

@ home, passion fruit mojito

brown sugar, mint leaves, limes

dark rum

passion fruits

diced the limes and mixed with mint leaves, brown sugar all crushed

then add dark rum and lime juice and passion fruits after

topped with soda water

here comes mojito!!!


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